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Transpo Travel by Luis Olmedo

Transpo Travel by Luis Olmedo

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The most visual multiple card transposition ever, from a FISM champion!

"I see a clear common denominator in Luis's creations, a watermark, a personal seal. All of them, and this “Transpotravel” in particular, are elegant and destructive like a wrecking ball." - Mario Lopez

"Please, don’t buy Transpotravel. I want to be the only magician in the world performing this miracle from Luis. I hate you Olmedo, stop being that cool." - Julio Montoro

"The first time I saw him perform this trick was at a convention on a boat years ago. Since then, whenever I've shown friends what super-powered magic is, I've shown them a video of the trick. That's what high level is all about." - Markobi

Use the secret weapon of a world champion to blow your audience away with one of the cleanest transposition effects you can perform with a deck of cards. You get two multiple card transpositions for the price of one in this amazingly visual effect. Learn the secrets of a FISM world champion when you perform Transpo Travel by Luis Olmedo.

Here’s what happens:

The two jokers are taken out of the deck and placed over to the side before the effect even begins. The four aces are then magically produced from the deck. One of the aces is chosen by your spectators, and three random cards are dealt face down onto the ace. The remaining three aces are lost in the deck, and then it happens. The ace and the three face-down cards visually transform into the two jokers. The jokers that were set aside before the trick started visually split into the four aces. That’s when your audience freaks out.

Transpo Travel is an incredibly strong effect from Luis Olmedo that is made possible by some very special cards that you can add to any red-backed rider Bicycle deck. The gimmicks come ready to go, and the trick is easy to learn thanks to the instructional video that accompanies it. This is a beautiful piece of magic created by one of the modern stars of close-up.

Your audience won’t know what hit them when you perform Transpo Travel by Luis Olmedo.

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