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The Big Kick by Liam Montier

The Big Kick by Liam Montier

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Bigblindmedia presents The Big Kick by Liam Montier (BBM387)

Comes with a special Bicycle Deck - everything you need to perform is included!

'The Big Kick' is the perfect self-working trick - in fact, it is basically a mini-act, with predictions, a classic gag, and then a full-blown monster kicker that NOBODY sees coming!

No sleight of hand. No gaffs. No sticky/rough Stuff. Ends examinable. Fast reset.

You remove two prediction cards and a Joker from a deck of cards, and the spectators choose EXACTLY where in the pack all three cards go. They manage to place the first two predictions next to the MATCHING cards! But what card have they placed the Joker next to?

You explain that the Joker is a 'Wild Card' and so could be paired up with ANY card... and so the spectators shout out the name of the first random card that comes to mind... which you explain will be the face-down card next to the Joker!

However, it turns out to be a gag, as the card is turned over to reveal a full pack of cards, printed tiny, all over its face!

But then there's the kicker...

'Do you know where all the faces came from? The rest of the pack!'

The deck is turned face up, and ribbon spread, to reveal EVERY. SINGLE. CARD. IS. BLANK!

Everything you need to perform this masterpiece is included in the package.

Brought to you by BigBlindMedia
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