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The Amazing Standing Card by Gaetan Bloom

The Amazing Standing Card by Gaetan Bloom

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A show-stopping reputation maker that will have the audience either rolling on the floor or pulling their hair out, depending on your style. If you're Gaeton Bloom, they'll be doing both.

"I just love this" -Dan Harlan

For YEARS, this trick was an underground secret. Passed around the elite circles of top pros. Finally, today you can learn this mind-blowing illusion in great detail from the master himself.

A single, examinable playing card performs an impossible balancing act. This reputation maker from the mad genius of Gaetan Bloom becomes increasingly impossible as it becomes more incredible. An underground secret for years, you are about to become privy to the insanity that is The Amazing Standing Card by Gaetan Bloom.

Here’s what happens:

A single playing card is balanced on its edge. It can be viewed from 360 degrees with nothing supporting it. The magician then carefully balances another card on top of that card. Impossibly, they stand like a house of cards that defies the laws of gravity. The cards can be handed out for examination. The magician can even tear the center of the card out and instantly balance the card even though a U shape has been torn into the bottom of it. The pieces of the card can be balanced on their edges as well. The cards can even be given away as souvenirs.

This incredible effect is presented by Nick Locapo, along with some incredible wisdom shared by Gaetan Bloom on how to turn this miracle into a reputation maker. You receive a special gimmick in the mail, as well as in-depth video instructions from Nick Locapo with brand new ideas and concepts that will allow you to perform this effect anywhere and surrounded. The Amazing Standing card is great for your social media videos as well as live performances. Go beyond balancing. Start performing The Amazing Standing Card by Gaetan Bloom.
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