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Repetition by Nathan Kranzo

Repetition by Nathan Kranzo

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Three cards keep turning into 4 no matter how many times you throw one away. Examinable, no sleights, plus a kicker ending.

When the Kranzilla attacks a classic you know there is going to be a twist. Counting cards and tossing them away only to have them return to your hand is a trick that’s been around the block, but in Nathan Kranzo’s hands it not only becomes engaging but gets a kicker ending your audience doesn’t see coming. This is Nathan Kranzo’s Repetition.

Here’s what happens:

The magician shows the audience four blue-backed cards, cleanly wiggling the cards between their fingers. The magician puts one card in their pocket or hat to remain in view so they can show the audience the old three-card trick. Magically, a new card is produced at the magician’s fingertips. The card is tossed away so the magician can show the audience the old three-card trick. The card returns again and again until the magician gives up on trying to get rid of cards. In a twist ending the blue-backed cards are shown to have transformed into red cards.

This trick uses a fantastic set of gimmicked cards that practically do all the work for you. In addition to receiving the gimmicked cards, Kranzo teaches you variations on the effect and how to easily make new gimmicks to fit new presentations. The gimmicks work cleanly so you can perform the effect both from stage and close up. Repetition is a trick you will find yourself performing again, and again, and again, and again.

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