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Rainbow Road by Kyle Purnell

Rainbow Road by Kyle Purnell

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"Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
No, it’s Kyle Purnell smashing it out of the park again with his fresh yet classic Rainbow Road. Expect Kyle’s usual intelligent handling, great tuition, and of course, awesome red glasses! Will he ever stop?"
 - Ben Williams

"Rainbow Road is like an in the hands Dr. Daily's Last Trick but with a colorful kicker ending, very cool!" - Cody S. Fisher

"Wow! Kyle Purnell is a master minimalist! No one does more with less! - Doug Conn

Rainbow Road is the transposition Kyle Purnell has always wanted. Two cards change places with two other cards, and at the end of the effect, not only do all the backs of the cards change to different colors, but you can hand them out for examination. From the 2021 Penguin Magic Creator of the year comes an eye-popping packet trick you will want to carry with you everywhere. This is Rainbow Road from Kyle Purnell.

Here’s what happens:

The magician shows two red kings and two black kings. They change places once, then twice, and finally a third time. Both transpositions are super visual. Then, just when your audience thinks the trick is over, you hit them with the kicker. The red-backed cards change to blue, green, and yellow!

Rainbow Road is an incredible packet trick that only uses four cards, and everything is examinable at the end. This hyper-visual transposition effect gets crazier when your audience sees the backs of the cards change color. The rainbow ending is a real killer. In addition to the full routine and the cards your receive in the mail, you also learn Kyle’s Tunnel Transpo. This extremely visual change causes cards to change places inside a tunnel made from the other cards. It’s a color change you’ll add to your other routines because it is that cool. This one is going right into your wallet so that you can perform it at a moment’s notice. Race your audience to the insane visuals at the end of this trick with Rainbow Road from Kyle Purnell.
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