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Leviosa RED by Joao Miranda & Julio Montoro

Leviosa RED by Joao Miranda & Julio Montoro

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There are dozens of versions of the Haunted Deck, but if the magician had real magic powers, he would perform Leviosa!

First a card is chosen, signed and returned to the deck.

Without any suspicious moves and with the magician still, the deck cuts itself in half, projecting the signed card out!

Then from the floor, the whole deck defies gravity itself, soaring through the air into the magician waiting hand, leaving the audience in a state of unparalleled wonder.

The best part? Leviosa resets itself. The performer starts and ends 100% clean.

As soon as the deck flies to the hand, the magician can go ahead and either perform the effect again (people will ask to!), or simply place the deck inside the box and continue the show with absolute freedom.

Leviosa is 100% self-contained and a true professionals' dream come true.

You'll look like a real-life Harry Potter when you perform Leviosa.


1. Will the invisible gimmick break?
Since the programming is made in-house, with the motors pre-programmed, the risk of breaking the secret gimmick, assuming the effect is performed correctly, is close to 0. Just relax and see the magic happen by itself.

2. How easy it is to perform?
You just need to push a button and see the magic happen by itself!

3. If I accidently break the IT, is more provided?
Yes, we offer a spool with 45 meters of João Miranda's pre-stripped IT!

4. Does Leviosa comes ready to use or do I need to prepare anything?
It comes ready to use, right out of the box, with no special setup required.

5. Most IT effects require a certain hook-up or previous setup. Is Leviosa any different?
Yes, totally different. João Miranda created a new principle in IT effects where the gimmick is 100% self-contained into the deck of cards.
The "setup" is done right in front of the audience eyes.
There is no cleanup, since it is 100% automatic and 100% self-contained.

Leviosa comes ready to use outside the box with the special gimmicks, accessories, USB charger and full video instructions.

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