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Jumping to Conclusions by Harapan Ong

Jumping to Conclusions by Harapan Ong

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A fun, surprising, and easy-to-do prediction effect from Harapan Ong.

Harapan has taken Max Maven's beloved "Drawing Conclusions" concept and evolved it to be more direct and fairer than ever. They'll never see the stunning ending coming and the result is different each time.

You have a pack of abstract images mixed and cut by a volunteer. With your head turned, they start dealing the cards to the table until they decide to stop. It's a completely free choice and they can even change their mind if they want.

Once they look at the image (let's say it's a "door"), it is lost back in with the other images. All of this is done while your head is still turned, so it would be impossible for you to know the image they chose or where it's located in the pack.

Even against these impossibly fair odds, you start searching through the images, removing some potential choices and laying them face-up as you do. Once you have a handful of possibilities selected, you start eliminating them one by one.

You don't say a word until just a few images remain. This is when you decide to finally check with your volunteer to see if you're on the right track. You're confused when they say "no" because you've seemingly eliminated their image. That's when you prove that you were actually right the whole time.

Without any funny moves or awkward switches, you re-arrange the remaining images on the table. They now spell out the word "door" (or any other image they chose).
  • Free choice of where to stop (no forcing)
  • No sleight of hand
  • No marked cards
  • No rough and smooth
  • All of the cards are examinable
  • Includes two decks (ESP Style Symbols and Chinese Characters)
  • Easy to do
  • An evolution of Max Maven's "Drawing Conclusions" effect (released with his permission)

"Jumping to Conclusions" comes with two different sets of high-quality, custom-made image cards, each with its own distinct theme. One features modern abstract designs, while the others are modeled after Chinese flash cards. You can choose the one that suits you best or mix and match based on the situation.

You'll be ready to perform this amazing packet trick within minutes of learning it. The fact that the outcome is different each time makes it perfect for everyone from workers to hobbyists. Get your copy of "Jumping to Conclusions" by Harpan Ong today!

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