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Incredible Coin - with Book Kit

Incredible Coin - with Book Kit

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The Incredible Coin is the secret name for a very special coin gimmick. The Incredible Coin is made to look like a regular coin, but it has been specially created for use by magicians.
Using the Incredible Coin along with other coins you can accomplish some amazing effects.

Using your Incredible Coin you will be able to make coins appear, disappear, and much, much more.
Imagine a half dollar vanishes at your fingertips, only to be discovered by your spectator in an impossible location!

Make half-dollar coins penetrate a solid tabletop!

Coins travel invisibly from hand to hand!

Using the included special magic wand and Chinese coin, you can visibly cause a half dollar and Chinese coin to change places while being held by the spectator!

Using the included props and the step-by-step instructions in this booklet, you will soon be performing incredible coin magic with the Incredible Coin!

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