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Gambling Moves With Cards

Gambling Moves With Cards

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If you want to learn STUNNING Sleight of Hand…

Own your audience with SURREPTITIOUS Shuffles...

Run the table with SECRETIVE Second Dealings...

Or even just pick up a few new tricks to WOW your friends at the next get-together…

***Keeping in mind these tricks are for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY!***

This lesson is presented by the master and original scoundrel himself, Simon Lovell.
And if you haven’t heard of Simon Lovell…you certainly should!  
Simon is the “go-to” guy when it comes to shuffles, cuts, passes, general chicanery, and all-around trickery.

Course Contents Include...

Shuffles & Cuts
  • 3 Block Shuffle
  • The Zarrow Shuffle
  • Gambler's Zarrow Variation
  • Sloppy False Shuffle
  • Audible Shuffle
  • Pop-Over Shuffle
  • Charlier Shuffle
  • Push-Over Shuffle
  • One Handed Riffle Shuffle
  • Jog Shuffle
  • False Chop Shuffle
  • Squish It Shuffle
  • Mahatma Control
  • Out of Control
  • Multiple Packet Cuts
  • Greek Cut
  • True Cut
  • Spinging the Deck
  • Frank Thompson False Cut
  • Poor Man's Hop
  • Riffle Cut Control
  • The Table Hop
  • Single 4-way Flourish
  • Riffle Stacking 101

  • 4 Coin Rollout
  • Simey's Flippy Switch
  • Angle of the Dangle
  • Ralthazab
Gambling Moves
  • Double Dealing
  • Push-Off 2nd Deal Explained
  • Second Deal Variations
  • Using the Second Deal
  • Bottom Dealing
  • Multiple Top Changes
  • Side Steal
  • A Gambler's Move
  • Pick A Suit
  • Hand Mucking
  • Drawing Cards for the Muc

More Simon Stuff
  • Center Key Card
  • Leave It Cut
  • Table Hop
  • Poor Man's Hop
  • Slow-Mo Cut
  • Riffle Pass
  • Tepid Tornado
  • 4 AM Shuffle
  • Wobbly Wombat
  • The Pass

Gambling Museum
  • Prism Shoe
  • Check Cup
  • Magnetic Dice
  • Tops & Bottoms
  • The Belly Hold-Out Switcher
  • Belly Stripper Deck
  • Card Punch

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