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FORTUNE by Mariano Goni

FORTUNE by Mariano Goni

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The combination of mnemonics and math has produced some of the most baffling card magic ever...

Now imagine being able to use that power to perform routines without having to do memory or math work, no index classifiers, and no marked or gimmick decks...

Mariano Goni created Fortune deck because images can engage people's memories and feelings much more than ordinary playing cards.

Things they can relate to, like their wedding day, that outdoor fire, that trip overseas, their dog, exercises or lottery ticket, a feeling of freedom, or even their morning coffee...

Three routines included:

1. A classic plot of three reveals based on the works of the great Simon Aronson, where three images are selected, one is unknown, and it's predicted at the end with a phone picture, the second one is a stop trick revelation, and the first is direct mind reading.
The method was re-engineered, so it is almost automatic and sure fire, without the need of external classifiers for the ending, and you can concentrate on your presentation. This version with drawings takes the effect to a new level!

2. Single Mind Reading: A quick and baffling effect where the cards are GENUINELY shuffled and cut, yet the magician/mentalist will have no problem in guessing what image the spectator is thinking and, optionally, predict it.

3. Double Mind Reading: Another mnemonic classic impossible effect, made easy! Two spectators freely cut, remember their image, and shuffle cards keeping under the table, yet the performer instantly knows what image they have in mind. Direct, automatic, and baffling.

Important points:
  • Cards are un-gimmicked and examinable before and after the effect.
  • No memory work.
  • No math gymnastics.
  • Spectator handles the cards.
  • No marked cards.
  • No extra tools like card classifiers.
  • Use the deck to create your own mental effects!
Self-working mental magic. Deceptive, automatic, and turbo-charged.
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