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Flash Bag

Flash Bag

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Flash Bag - A visual and versatile magic trick!

Multiple routines. No complicated sleight of hand required.

Effect 1: Two playing cards are handed to the audience for inspection, and then one is put into the bag and the other is placed on the table. The audience can't guess which card is in the bag and which one is on the table no matter what! The magician can swap these two cards easily.

Effect 2: An ordinary card is put into the bag, and the magician shakes it gently, and the card completely vanishes and runs to the table, or the magician's hand or even his pocket.

Effect 3: Two different bills are swapped under the noses of the audience.

Effect 4: A playing card instantly turns into a banknote, business card, etc.

Free your imagination flow to develop more routines!

Comes with a special ziplock bag, special gimmicks and video instructions.

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