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Complete Card Magic with Stripper Deck

Complete Card Magic with Stripper Deck

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180 Card Tricks & Professional Routines Card Tricks Kit for Beginners to Advanced Levels. A comprehensive educational approach to learning magic. Jump-start your magical journey into complete card magic!

  • For any skill-level magician - a complete encyclopedia of card magic captured on 7 volume timelines available for download
  • Special gimmicked cards are included as shown in the main image
  • Delivered to you in a digital download & streaming access pass that will instruct the basics and then reveal advance to exciting tricks and flourishes
  • A Complete Card Magic Digital access Booklet that contains your QR code and Access Code

  • Included: 1 Think of a Card Access Pass with Digital Access to 10 additional card tricks with special trick cards and 1 Stripper Deck

Volume 1: Beginner
Gain a strong foundation for building your own card magic routines. Card expert, Gerry Griffin, takes you step-by-step through some amazing mysteries.

Volume 2:
Continue your magical journey into Complete Card Magic with these 14 intermediate mysteries. Double your card magic repertoire with these next level effects.

Volume 3: Advanced
Your magical journey into Complete Card Magic gets advanced with 14 all-new mysteries. Volume 3 contains effects that are better than some full routines, and it doesn't end there!

Volume 4: Expert
Your magical journey gets really exciting with 10 new mysteries. Go above and beyond average card magic routines. These effects are sure to impress!

Volume 5: Expert Extreme
This is extreme magic you will see and learn the best of the best in card mysteries. Including 10 expert effects that will become your favorite showstoppers!

Volume 6: Forces! Shuffles! Flourishes!
Your magical journey in Complete Card Magic would not be complete without card-handling techniques. You will learn important moves to manipulate cards and add flare to your routines. Learn to master 27 different effects with thorough step-by-step instructions.

Volume 7: Cuts & Sleights!
Cuts and sleights includes over 100 cutting-edge card mysteries and techniques, from beginner to expert. Learn 31 expert card techniques with easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions from a pro.

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