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Chinese Washing Machine #1

Chinese Washing Machine #1

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Chinese Washing Machine by Supreme Magic
Discontinued and no longer available

Vintage children's magic trick - Lewis J. Thomas's "Chinese Washing Machine", a Supreme Magic exclusive. 

An original stage illusion made by Supreme Magic. Made out of wood with a secret so well hidden that it fools everybody. It only takes very brief preparation beforehand. 
These are now highly collectible. 

  • Magic Washing Machine
  • socks
  • original instructions

Oswald Williams (1880-1937) saw a popular Vaudeville skit based on a Chinese Laundry and, from it, invented a Magic Laundry stage routine (circa 1920), which was subsequently reworked into a magic changing box and published (Linking Ring 1951 Vol. 31 No. 6) by Bruce Posgate as "The Magic Laundry." About 1953, Lewis Thomas requested a version be made for him by Jack Hughes. Edwin Hooper saw it and turned it into the commercial version produced by Edwin’s Supreme Magic in 1955, known as “The Chinese Washing Machine,” or variations produced by others with a more politically correct name like the “Whacky Washer” or “Crazy Washing Machine.” Since that time, the same basic idea has been resurrected several times as the “Wishy Washer” and the most recent, the “Mini Washing Machine.”

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