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UNLOAD by Anthony Stan

UNLOAD by Anthony Stan

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Unload is a great vanishing deck effect that is both amazing and fooling.

Imagine a freely selected card is signed and lost in the middle of the deck. You put everything in the box, and you put it on the table or on the hand of the spectator. Then, you make all the cards except the signed card vanish!

Unload is a great tool, and you will definitely come up with your own ideas and variations.

  • Easy to do
  • When you put the cards in the box, you can put the box on the table or in the spectator's hand, and you don't touch them again
  • The spectator opens the box at the end
  • Use normal playing cards
  • Resets in 10 seconds

VOLATIL: This is the main effect of the DVD! A card is freely selected, signed, and lost in the deck. The deck is put in the box. All the cards vanish except the signed card.

TRANSPO: A chosen card and signed is put on the table. The rest of the deck is put in the card case. The magician takes the chosen card, which becomes the rest of the deck. The spectator opens the box, there's one card: the signed card.

THE BUSINESS CARD: The entire deck is put in the card case. All the cards turn into business cards.

VANISHING DECK: The deck is put in the card case and vanishes.

CARD TROUGH TABLE: The deck is put in the card case and put on the table. All the cards (or except the chosen card) pass through the table.

TORN AND RESTORED CARD: A car dis chosen by the spectator and torn in quarters. Fragments are locked into the box. By magic, the car is restored.

CARD TO IMPOSSIBLE LOCATION: Before beginning, a card folded in 4 is placed in the box. Then, a card is chosen and signed by the spectator and lost in the middle of the deck. The magician takes the folded card in the box: the signed card!

TRIUMPH: A card is chosen and lost in the middle of the deck. Then the cards are mixed in chaos (cards face up, cards face down). All the cards are going to return in the same direction except the chosen card

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