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The Awakening by Dan Harlan

The Awakening by Dan Harlan

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Dan Harlan's personal opener is the best new rope trick of the last 20 years. Three ropes change length over and over again, fooling even magicians.

“So, after 30 years of practicing rope magic, I can’t believe I’m considering a new version of the Prof Nightmare! But yes; I will use this! “ - Doug Conn

“Dan Harlan's Awakening is one of my absolute favorite rope routines of all time! Not only is it fooling, it is also just FUN to perform!" - Cody S. Fisher

“Dan absolutely floored me with the Awakening when I first saw it. I genuinely have never been a fan of the standard Professor's Nightmare, but Dan has breathed new life into this classic that both engages and baffles audiences like it never has before." - Kyle Purnell

“It's no small feat to improve a classic of magic... yet that is exactly what Dan Harlan has done with The Awakening." - David Jonathan

An iconic rope routine is re-imagined into one of the most visual pieces of rope magic you’ll ever see. Three pieces of rope transform into three pieces of rope that are all the same size. Before you think to yourself, “Oh, the Professor’s Nightmare,” we should probably mention one thing. You can separate the rope before and after the change with your hands wide open. The three pieces of rope that were different sizes are now actually the same size. Don’t believe us? Watch the live performance. This isn’t your grandpa’s rope trick. This is The Awakening by Dan Harlan.

Here’s what happens:

The magician clearly shows three pieces of rope: one short, one medium, and one long. The pieces are held very clearly apart. The ropes are counted, and visually they change so that they are all the same size. The ropes are clearly held apart, and the magician can even open their hands to show they aren’t hiding any silly knots. The ropes then change back to three different lengths and back to the same length in wildly visual ways.

Complete with a charming routine from Dan Harlan, this is the most visual rope trick you will ever perform. There are no magnets, snaps, or hooks, and the gimmick does nearly all the work for you. The gimmick is ready to go right out of the box. The Awakening is astonishingly easy to do and has made its way from Dan Harlan’s lecture into the working repertoire of some of the top magicians in the world. Now you can perform one of the best rope tricks ever put on stage. This is rope magic that won’t put your audience to sleep. This is The Awakening by Dan Harlan.

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