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Daytona Magic



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A perfect “Forcing Pack” yet the cards are shown all different. Card magic was revolutionized by this valuable discovery. So subtle and satisfactory that it instantly appeals to all, yet so simple that a child can operate it. A full pack of cards is first introduced and shown to consist of all different cards. A spectator is allowed to remove a card from any portion of the pack without his choice being influenced in the least. The operator does not see or touch the card, yet he instantly knows what card was selected. This feat, which is alone worth the price of the pack, cannot be performed with any other cards unless the operator is an expert in sleight-of-hand.

Another effect: A card is drawn and returned to the pack by a spectator, whereupon the performer slowly removes the cards one at a time from the top of the pack, continuing to do so until commanded by the audience to stop. To the amazement of the entire company, the card at which he stopped, when turned over, proves to be the very card selected. This pack is especially useful in all tricks where it is necessary to know beforehand the name of a card, which will be selected later.

These and many other marvelous tricks can be easily performed by anyone possessing this wonderful pack. It is so cleverly devised and the principle so skillfully concealed that detection is absolutely impossible. No exchange of packs, no manipulation or skill required and the cards are not marked.

Comes with complete instructions on DVD that will teach you 10 great tricks to do with a Svengali Deck, plus, 10 bonus card tricks that you can do with any deck of cards!

Made of genuine Bicycle cards.

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