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EZ Robbins

Quick Change Cards

Quick Change Cards

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The magician displays two pieces of board with holes in the middle, one colored red and the other yellow, and a piece of ribbon.

A spectator selects either of the two boards (no force) which is threaded on the ribbon. We will presume the red board is threaded on the ribbon. The ends of the ribbon are held securely by a spectator. The yellow board is in the performer's hand. Both the boards are covered by a handkerchief for a few moments.

When the handkerchief is removed, the boards are found to have changed places, with the yellow board now on the ribbon and the red board in the performer’s hand. And everything can be handed over for thorough examination.

This is a novel effect, easy to perform, with props you can carry in your pocket, and use for a reasonably large audience. We supply you with the special mechanical boards (playing card size, approximately 60mm x 90mm size - 2.36 x 3.54 inches) with the ribbon and detailed instructions.

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