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Magic & Smiles



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Amaze your audience by borrowing a bill from the crowd, tearing it, and making the pieces appear in the pendant, the audience, or other conspicuous places!

Main Effect: Borrow a bill from an audience member, the larger the bill the better. I use a twenty-dollar bill. Tear a corner off the bill and hand the rest of the bill to the young lady. Ask her to place it in the open pendant, which is in a beautiful display case, and close the pendant Remove the pendant from the display case and have the girl hold it. The corner of the bill can be burned or vanished.

Now another spectator sitting any place you desire will be asked to reach under his seat and remove a taped envelope. He is invited on stage with the envelope. Without the magician touching the envelope, the spectator is asked to open it and remove its contents. He will produce a twenty-dollar bill with a corner missing. The first spectator is asked to open the pendant and finds the matching corner.

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