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Multiplying Bottles by Tora

Multiplying Bottles by Tora

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The magician shows a bottle and a glass. He covers both with tubes and after a moment, they have switched places! He explains that the hardest thing is to make them go back again, but apparently, it succeeds. When the first tube is lifted, the bottle has returned, and when the second tube is lifted... it will reveal another bottle!!!

Discreetly, the magician removes the extra bottle and continues the trick as if nothing had happened. However, it does not take very long before there again is a bottle underneath each tube. And so the routine continues - to the magician's despair and the enthusiasm of the audience. When the magician finally finished, a total of eight bottles appeared on the table!

If you are two showing the trick together, you can make a fun routine where your assistant will trick you by repeatedly removing a bottle without you noticing. However, you can always continue the routine. 

Comes with well-liked metal bottles that actually look like real wine bottles in a new design, and two silver-colored metal tubes. You have to add glass and presentation by yourself.


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