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Multiplying Bottles (2 Sets)

Multiplying Bottles (2 Sets)

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An empty glass and bottle are covered with two identical tubes. You snap your fingers, and the bottle and glass have switched places!! You perform this amazing transposition until you "accidentally" expose the "extra bottle." The Audience takes great pleasure in this "accident" because they think the trick has failed.

This extra bottle is set aside, and the trick is repeated, but to their amazement, there is ANOTHER bottle under the empty tube!!

This bottle is taken out and the tube is shown empty once again. However, every time you place either of the empty tubes on the table, ANOTHER bottle appears. The trick becomes more about the appearing bottles and less about the transposition until your table has 4 bottles on it.

This comes with 2 sets of bottles. 4 Dad's Root Beer and 4 Borden's Milk bottles.

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