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Killer Poker by Vinny Sagoo

Killer Poker by Vinny Sagoo

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Perhaps one of the BEST storytelling packet tricks EVER invented!

Spin a yarn as follows...

Imagine one night that you find yourself in a casino, short of money for your ride home.

You ask a random guy at the bar if he wants to play a game of Poker, winner takes all?

The guy accepts, shuffles the cards, and deals five cards each.

You notice that he only has FOUR cards, so you tell him that he needs FIVE.

He stupidly produces a Five of Hearts.


You kindly explain that he needs FIVE cards, not the Five of Hearts.

When you query how many cards he's got left, he counts FOUR.

You again state that he needs FIVE, this time, he produces the Five of Clubs.


You ask him to count how many cards he has in his hand, and he still has FOUR, along with the TWO on the table, which now makes SIX cards!


You tell him politely that this is a game of Poker and you only get FIVE cards, not THREE, FOUR, or SIX!

With that said, he flicks his cards and is now holding THREE, plus the TWO on the table, so FIVE in total.

Phew, at last!

You check your imaginary cards and have Two Tens and Three Aces!

You have the winning hand, YES!

You tell the guy of your hand, to which he responds that he's won.

Rather confused, you tell him that his counting skills are dreadful, his knowledge of Poker is terrible and you are not sure if he even knows how to spell Poker?!

He causally murmurs that he's an English teacher and can even spell it backwards.

With that said, he flicks the cards and changes the cards to spell POKER

You cough up the dough and saunter home in the rain!

If you like storytelling tricks like Sam the Bellhop, then you will love Killer Poker.
Easy to do
Custom printed Bicycle cards
Online and written instructions plus 22 color photos

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