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GT Speedreader Marked Deck (Standard Version)

GT Speedreader Marked Deck (Standard Version)

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Immediately identify ANY card WITHOUT seeing its face.
Imagine having a BICYCLE deck with the EASE and READABILITY of a marked deck... for less than $15.

Introducing the GT Speedreader Marked Deck Standard Version (BICYCLE 809 Mandolin).
Available in red and blue.

Includes an online version of The Trick That Can't Be Explained from the GT Speedreader DVD by Kozmomagic absolutely FREE.

The GT Speedreader Standard is very EASY TO READ...yet SPECTATOR SECURE.

Very easy to read, yet not screamingly obvious when in view.
Intuitive marking system on a BICYCLE backed card.
Read it INSTANTLY, right out of the box.

The GT Speedreader Standard marking system is 100% UNDETECTABLE by the spectator when the deck is spread, because the marks are CONCEALED.
Design best suited for right-hand performers.

These marked cards are even undiscovered by people "in the know" about marked decks.

Based on concepts from Ted Lesley, EVERY ASPECT of these cards were thoughtfully designed for working magicians AND how spectators examine cards.
Even includes a poker hand guide card as a subtle convincer to your spectators as you open a new deck -- that they are everyday cards.

In fact, your favorite magician is probably using them and you don't even know it!
100% undetectable by the spectators when spread
NO strange symbols or codes
NO cheat sheets
NO special counts or stacks required
NO special equipment needed
Manufactured by US Playing Card Company with 809 BICYCLE Mandolin Backs
Includes marking instruction card
Includes a marked double backer AND Jokers
Additional routines and instruction are available separately
Professionals love the GT Speedreader Standard for the dealer's grip, an overhand grip, and when riffling for a spectator peek.

Join the list of elite magicians who are already using them.


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