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Dual Black Art Table

Dual Black Art Table

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A Black Art Table is a table that uses a very effective principle of deception to allow you to vanish- or produce- an item whenever you want. The item secretly vanishes into the tabletop.

This beautiful fringed tabletop has a unique design.
The ribbon design on the top disguises a "well", or hole, in the top of the table.
Just push your item into the well and the item is gone from the audience's view!
If you can push items into the holes, you can do the trick!

This table is best used on a stage or at a distance.
It won't be effective if your audience can see down into the top of the table.

The size of the tabletop is approx. 15" x 13" by 6" deep.
Comes complete with an adjustable base.

Dual Design 
This table was made by a local magician. The center square is a flap, and when closed, it can be used as a regular table. Open the flap, and it's a black art table.

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