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Gentlemen's Magic

Black Pearl by Victor Zatko & Gentlemen's Magic

Black Pearl by Victor Zatko & Gentlemen's Magic

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Black Pearl is an original, modern, and incredibly puzzling mentalism effect. You wear a black pearl bracelet on your wrist, with a single pearl of a different color, which you find in the exact spot indicated by your spectator. 


His passion for innovation has led him to become a renowned French creator of magic tricks, respected and appreciated by his peers. His reputation in the world of magic is well-established. His drive to push the boundaries of magic has led him to develop unique and innovative effects that are now performed by professional magicians all over the world.

Black Pearl is no exception to this ambition. By partnering with Gentlemen's Magic, you're guaranteed to have in your hands both a first-rate EDC mentalism effect and a professional-quality gimmick thought through to the last detail.


You show your audience that you're wearing an elegant, minimalist bracelet made of black pearls, only one of which is a completely different color (white or gold, customizable to your style). You ask a spectator to freely name a number between 1 and 20. Without any suspicious movement or dubious manipulation, you remove your bracelet by undoing the clasp. From this clasp, you count the pearls until you reach the number indicated, and the only pearl of a different color is in the exact spot chosen by your spectator.


Black Pearl is a minimalist bracelet that's both modern and elegant, whose undetectable gimmick enables, among other things, this direct and powerful mentalism effect, always on your wrist. The two different-colored pearls supplied (white or gold) will match your style while remaining refined without ever arousing suspicion. This bracelet will never leave your side, defining your new style and enabling you to present a mentalism effect anywhere, anytime, and under any conditions.

Adjustable Black Pearl Bracelet

Customize your Black Pearl bracelet to your size and style in just a few seconds with the white or gold pearl. High-quality craftsmanship.

Detailed video instructions

In a detailed explanatory video, Victor will teach you everything you need to know to present this powerful mentalism effect in any condition.


  • A storage case
  • An adjustable black pearl bracelet with clasp
  • 1 white and 1 gold bead to personalize your gimmick
  • An instructional video presented by Victor Zatko himself


  • A universal jewel, both elegant and casual
  • High-quality craftsmanship down to the finest detailing
  • No switch, instantaneous reset, Undetectable gimmick
  • Very easy to present, perfect for table hopping and street magic


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