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Anti-Gravity Invisible Deck Display by Alan Wong

Anti-Gravity Invisible Deck Display by Alan Wong

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This is a magical anti-gravity deck display stand and object of curiosity.

It looks magical enough by itself and illogically logical to lead into the play for the invisible deck routine where you take the clear box off the anti-gravity stand, open it up and take out an invisible deck and proceed to perform.

You can also use the stand to showcase your favorite deck of cards (empty card box only), apparently defying gravity in a very magical way.

The stand is a DIY set of mini building blocks you need to put together by yourself with the simple instructions.

Each unit comes with the mini plastic blocks for the anti-gravity display stand (which you need to assemble), and the custom-printed clear plastic card box with INVISIBLE DECK printed on it.

Great DIY magical art piece for your home, office, magic shop, or magic room. Have an invisible deck ready with you always - Then wait till someone asks you what it is!
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